Monday, April 30, 2007

3rd Congressional District race

I got this news from a Rogers Park blog:

Andrew Sharp and Paul Vallas: 3rd Congressional District Challenge Chicago (RPB News) - Andrew Sharp ("The Irishman") is still in Chicago and working on very big things, sources tell RPB, in addition to damage control for Alderman Joe Moore.

A reader sent this tip to RPB:

Andy is still in town, and he is setting the stage for Paul Vallas' return to Illinois and immediate run for Congress. Paul Vallas is not going to run against Schakowsky (I wish!). Paul is going to run against [Congressman Dan] Lipinski. Paul grew up in the 3rd Congressional District and is setting up shop ASAP. If you saw Andy up north it is because he is tapping Lakefront and North Shore donors for early $. Please keep my name out of this and I will update as new info comes in. Paul Vallas, you may recall, was the Chicago school czar until Mayor Daley canned him. In 2002 Vallas became the CEO of schools in Philadelphia, PA. He leaves a mixed legacy in Philly.

Also this:

The budget crisis hanging over the Philadelphia School District is threatening to claim 100 teaching positions next year, officials said yesterday.

The revelation, which came during a School Reform Commission hearing on the district's proposed $2.18 billion operating budget for 2007-08, drew an angry response from the president of the city teachers' union, who accused schools chief Paul Vallas of mismanagement. Full Article...

Now, apparently, Vallas wants to run for Congress in Illinois' 3rd Congressional District. Mr. Vallas is definitely leaving Philadelphia, and it caught that city by surprise recently:

Thursday, April 12, 2007 - Philadelphia - SCHOOL DISTRICT chief executive Paul Vallas last night confirmed to the Daily News that he will leave Philadelphia at the end of this school year, despite having a contract extension that could have kept him here until 2009. Vallas' decision stunned parents and district insiders alike, coming on a day in which speculation mounted by the hour that he had been tapped to become the next leader of the Hurricane Katrina-devastated New Orleans school district..... Instead, he said last night only that five years at the helm of the nation's eighth-largest school district was plenty, and that he, wife Sharon and their three sons would return to the family's Chicago hometown this summer. Full Article...

Retired Congressman William Lipinski of Illinois' 3rd Congressional District retired in 2004. It is often said that he enabled his son Daniel to take the seat, but nobody crowned him. He was elected, after all. It is said that you really don't need to be pro-life to win in the 3rd District, but Dan Lipinksi has voted pro-life including against embryonic stem cell research. He voted "no" on allowing human embryonic stem cell research (May 2005) and "yes" on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. (Apr 2005)

No wonder, then, that Andrew Sharp and the DNC is involved in a campaign against fellow Democrat, Congressman Lipinski.

More background here...

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