Friday, July 11, 2008


I was walking in the Loop at lunchtime noticing empty storefronts. The list of what's NOT there anymore is an interesting mix. I've been watching Mac Kelly's locations disappear for a while - one less place to get a good lunch. Which raises the question: why does Panda prosper? Do we really need more palaces of instant indigestion? There are plenty of places with similarly priced food that is actually good. The Gap is gone from Madison and Dearborn - my old fallback when I'd ride my bike to work and forget to pack a shirt in my pannier.

I saw the Hi Guy on Madison - first time I've seen him in a while.

The Wabash streetscape project is getting old already. I'll glad when it's done. Jackhammers on top of the El's roar and cabs honking puts the noise level over the top. I was grateful that the jackhammer guys were on lunch break when I came by later.

And now....back to work...TGIF!

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