Wednesday, April 1, 2009

into the 21st century....someday

Working on projects at home early this morning, I lost track of time and ended up rushing to get to the Metra station on time. I waited....and waited...and the train arrived almost 30 minutes late, after several messages saying that the train was delayed "due to late arrival of equipment. Got the reason why later on. Wish I'd had notification like this, or, even better, this. I have not been a fan of Twitter so far, but delay notifications would be extremely useful, unlike much of the fluff there.

I appreciate the fact that Metra usually runs on schedule, but too many aspects of their service are antiquated and inefficient. After seeing conductors unable to collect a substantial number of fares on many runs in recent years, I'd imagine that any investment in faster, more modern fare collection technology would be recouped in a reasonable time span. Train Tracker would be a VERY welcome update to at least dip a toe into the pool of modern technology.

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