Saturday, September 19, 2009

out and about in the neighborhood

I was out for a ride this morning, running some errands, and noticed a few things.

When I first checked out the new Dat Donuts on 111th, there was a large group of us, and we watched each other's bikes. This morning I stopped there and realized there are no bike racks on that section of 111th. Checked the signpost nearby - don't lock to that! Someone could easily pull the loose pole and take off with your bike. The iron fence next door worked as an improvised rack. Afterwards, I noticed orange paint marks on the sidewalk nearby - early warning of a new bike rack. Yeah!! Also, there are a couple of racks around the corner on Longwood next to the BAPA office.

Next stop, 103rd St. I've long appreciated all the racks within a block or so of the Metra tracks, and I use them often. Stopped in at Calabria to pick up a few goodies. They've taken out another cooler and added more tables. Goodbye, Pellegrino Limonata. I love that stuff. They've changed the product mix a bit, presumably because a greater variety of people have been visiting for lunch. Now they have Jarritos Limon instead. It's tasty if I want something sweet. I guess I'll have to get my next tart lemon fix with Schweppes Bitter Lemon from County Fair.

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