Wednesday, November 25, 2009

miracle on 98th Street

For many months, there has been a sinkhole in the middle of 98th - not a huge one, but large enough that a small child or small dog could possibly fall into it.

Streets & San's answer: one traffic cone, then a construction horse. The horse was run over countless times and picked up again. More 311 calls. No repairs. I was starting to think that it wouldn't get fixed this year and that it would cave in at some point over the winter.

I was ready to start another round of 311 calls. One day last week I took a walk and was amazed to discover that all the 311 calls that I and many others have made were finally answered. It's fixed! Yeah!!!

Maybe one of these days the Peoples Gas will return to fix the mess they left us with at 96th & Damen. That would be a lovely holiday gift to the neighborhood.

Perhaps Ginger will put Leavitt south of 96th on her repaving list for next year. That's high on my 2010 wish list. Hey, I can dream, can't I? ;)

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