Sunday, January 10, 2010

coyote on 97th

It's been a while since I've heard about any big wildlife sightings in this part of the 'hood. Just heard about a coyote spotted at 97th & Damen just before noon today. A lady was walking her small dog along 97th. They were approached and followed by an animal that looked like a coyote. She was yelling at it to go away, but it was not deterred. She ran back around the corner to her house, with the coyote following. It trotted down Damen towards 99th after she took her dog into the house.

Have you spotted any foxes or coyotes in Beverly or Morgan Park recently? Please tell us about them by posting a comment.


Lisa said...

I see coyotes, sometimes in pairs in North Beverly quite frequently. Especially in the evenings. They tend to mind their own business.
I saw a fox on two occasions, but the most remarkable sighting was last night at 7:15pm when I saw a falcon/hawk/owl? Really big bird of prey flying towards me from just south of Cosme Park.

Fargo said...

Could you give a size estimate on that bird? I've occasionally seen various types of hawks here in the neighborhood, usually Cooper's or red shouldered, occasionally red tails. A red tail can have a 4 foot wingspan - quite an impressive bird.