Monday, February 15, 2010

sidewalks are not a luxury

They are one of our most basic forms of transportation. People need to be able to walk to the train, the bus, shopping, etc. Got neighbors who don't shovel their sidewalks? Give 'em a hint. If they don't get the hint, call 311.

During the last storm, I went out with my shovel four different times to keep our sidewalk walkable. We have a corner lot, so it's not a trivial amount to shovel. I still like the shovel better than the snowblower. The peace of being in snow without the intrusion of a noisy gas engine is magical. Yes, I can still say that with a straight face, even after how much time I spent shoveling last week.

To everyone who did such a great job clearing their sidewalks after the last big snow, THANK YOU!!!!! To all the others, I ask: why can't you be a good neighbor?

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