Monday, September 19, 2011

construction everywhere!

Right now it really seems like there's construction almost everywhere we want to go. At the moment, the combination of the 99th St. Metra track/grade crossing replacement and the continuing utility project on Longwood Dr. is doing a number on me.

I just passed by both sites. It's possible to go east-west on 100th around the Longwood construction when the guys aren't working. It's also possible to go north-south on the east side sidewalk - if you're on foot. That one was supposed to be done by mid August, but I see no end in sight.

The 99th St. project should be done a bit sooner. They've taken out the old tracks and grade crossing. Today they were putting the new tracks in place. Looks like that one could be done within a week. Thanks, Metra!

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