Wednesday, February 29, 2012

would you like better, more reliable transit service?

For most of us, that's a silly question.  How to pay for it is the more serious flipside.

Please take a minute to give this idea a read, and sign on if you agree.  This bill proposes adding a fraction of a penny to gas taxes in the Chicago area only.  This would provide a dedicated funding source for transit in the Chicago area, which could help solve the reliability problems caused by years of deferred maintenance.  It could greatly reduce the number of delays due to mechanical breakdowns or slow zones due to track conditions.  This doesn't just affect our ward.  It has a big effect on the whole metro area.  It could also help restore service lost in previous budget cutbacks.

I know that the idea of paying more for gas is no thrill, but it's estimated that this measure would cost the average driver only $3-4 per year.  Continuing to lose ground on transit service would hurt a lot more.

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