Thursday, March 22, 2012

unwelcome traffic on 97th St.

Last night we witnessed a rather brazen drug transaction on 97th St.  A 30ish white man (pale complexion, short light brown hair, brown backpack, average height) was walking VERY slowly along one side of 97th.  His female companion (didn't get a good look at her - both were scruffy and white) also walked very slowly, parallel to him, on the opposite side of the street.  They kept stopping, looking back and looking back, all the way from east of Damen over to Hoyne.

When they got close to Hoyne, a young black man (light-medium complexion, thin, maybe 13-14) wearing a white t-shirt, carrying a white t-shirt (biting one corner in his mouth and letting it hang down) and riding a bike caught up on them from behind.  He appeared to be the look-out.  He was followed by a group of young black men (all with dark complexions, perhaps 18-19) wearing plain white t-shirts, riding in a silver Chevy Impala.

They pulled up to the white man - their buyer - made their transaction and drove off.  Lovely.  We briefly saw similar drug transactions around here a few years ago and managed to drive them away by looking for them and calling 911.  I hope we can turn this into a similarly short-lived pattern.

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