Wednesday, November 28, 2012

completing a missing piece at Ridge Park

I've wondered why Ridge Park has a partial sidewalk from the fieldhouse to 96th St., ending short of the street. In recent weeks, I've noticed spray paint outlines connecting the end of the sidewalk to the curb at 96th St.  This morning on my way to the train I saw a crew jackhammering out the curb and digging, presumably in preparation for pouring concrete. 

Thank you, Chicago Park District.  Once the work is complete, we'll finally have a sidewalk (presumably with curb ramp) so that pedestrians can go all the way to/from 96th St. on a solid surface without having to walk on the often-busy driveway.

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Fargo said...

This morning on my way to the train, I was just in time to see the cement mixer arriving. I also noticed other locations in the park where ADA curb ramps are being added.