Saturday, May 4, 2013

a transportation alternative to help beat the red line shutdown blues

Are you concerned about how the red line shutdown (starting 5/19) may affect your ability to get around?  I-Go might be a workable answer if you only need a car for occasional trips and you have the ability to plan your trips in advance.  They have a variety of plans for different driving needs.

I don't own a car and sometimes need to visit friends in Hyde Park, Avalon Park or other locations that I can't reach easily using transit, especially at night.  For some of those trips, I-Go gets me there safely without the need to make multiple transfers between buses and trains.   Without the red line, some destinations will be tougher to reach, so I'm grateful to have another option for trips I might not want to take by bike.

If you decide to give I-Go a try, please mention on the application that you heard about it here on Ridge99.  Thanks!

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