Thursday, September 12, 2013

bike commuting from Beverly

Have you been wanting to try the new Vincennes bike lane but thought it would be better with a ride buddy or two?  Come out on Friday morning and bring a friend.

I'd like to have a morning group ride at least once a week for as long as the weather allows.  I'll be riding from Beverly to the Loop.  If you want to ride north (commute or recreation) for part or all the ride, you're welcome to join the train.  If you know anyone who would be interested, please share this info with them.

Stops will be brief to keep the train moving.  If I've gotten no confirmations for a specific stop and I don't see anyone waiting, we'll keep moving past that stop.

If you're joining in, please RSVP and leave a comment saying where you're going to join, along with any questions or suggestions.  Here's an estimated schedule.

99th and Wood - LEAVING at 7:30 a.m.
95th and Vincennes - 7:36
91st and  Vincennes - 7:39
There will be a few more stops along Vincennes, depending on how many folks are joining in.

From 71st and  Vincennes, we'll cross the Dan Ryan, then continue north.  I'll be going to the Loop.  Take as short or long a ride as you wish.  On the way, we can talk about possible future rides, including weekend rides.

Get on the bike train!  Let's create a positive bike presence in the Vincennes bike lane.

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