Thursday, October 10, 2013

just say NO to anti-BYOB ordinance

How many of you have heard about the proposal by Alderman Graham to ban all BYOB in dry precincts?  From the map in the news story, it appears that this affects a small number of precincts in her ward and most other wards in the city.  It affects a substantial portion of our ward and a few nearby wards.

BAPA has started a petition against the proposed ordinance.  If the health of our business districts, having a good variety of restaurants, and keeping jobs in our neighborhood matters to you, I hope you will sign it.  The ordinance would affect the 19th and 34th wards more heavily than most other wards in the city, as we have the highest number of dry precincts.

Having a BYOB option allows many of our restaurants to compete and stay afloat, especially when there are comparable restaurants nearby that can sell alcohol.  This ordinance has the potential to harm or kill off existing businesses - something we don't want at any time, but especially not in this economy.  The last thing we need is more vacant storefronts, fewer businesses and fewer jobs.

If you're a Chicago resident who doesn't live in the 19th ward, I hope that you'll sign it and encourage your alderman to oppose the proposed ordinance.

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