Friday, November 21, 2014

simple gifts

5:45 p.m., 96th & Longwood: I was walking home from the train. A speeding driver approached the intersection, barely slowing down for the 4-way stop, then hitting the gas again and flying down Longwood. About a minute later, a similarly lead footed Texas driver stopped for about one second, then stepped on the gas when I was in the crosswalk, about to step in front of his car.

First responders: unless you are working and on your way to an urgent call, this applies to you too. We respect you more when you have respect for the most vulnerable road users.

How many 19th ward residents make unnecessary car trips to walkable destinations because they are afraid that someone will run over them or their kids if they were to walk there?  Too many.  This has a significant impact on quality of life in the ward, and it needs to change.

Take a holiday season pledge: yield to pedestrians. Better yet, slow down for a little while and walk to a neighborhood business or two. Say hi to a neighbor along the way. You may find that you enjoy it and even make a habit of it. If each of us makes more more walking trip each week instead of a car trip, the ward becomes a more pleasant place to be. It's a simple gift that we can give to our neighbors and ourselves, and it costs nothing.

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