Sunday, March 1, 2015

don't be that guy

How many days has it been since our last significant snow?  Too many sidewalks still look like this.

And this.  If you can clear this sidewalk this well, please do the neighborly thing and clear a path all the way to the street.

If there's a wall of snow at the curb (and many are bigger than this one), clearing your sidewalk isn't nearly as effective as it could be in helping people to get out and walk in the neighborhood.

Yes, winter got old a long time ago for many of us. Facing unnecessary difficulties when we want to get out of the house and walk makes it worse.

If you haven't already cleared your sidewalk - and the walls at the curb and alley if those apply to you - please do the kind and considerate thing while it's warm today.  If elderly or ill neighbors can't clear their sidewalks, please help them, too.

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