Monday, September 21, 2015

seed gathering and bonfire at Whistler Woods

'tis the season for gathering and scattering seeds.  There's also tree cutting to do.  Join in the work and fun this Saturday 9/26 from 2 to 5 p.m.  When you arrive, look for volunteers along the lefthand side of the main parking lot, near the end of the parking lot.  If you have work gloves, bring them, otherwise gloves will be available. 

How to get there:  Whistler Woods is just east of 13400 S Halsted in Riverdale.

By bike: if you're coming from the north, ride the Major Taylor Trail south until it ends in Whistler Woods and continue to the parking lot to find the volunteers.

By car: take Halsted - parking lot is the first left turn after you turn onto Forestview.  Nearest exit from I-57 is 127th St. From there, take eastbound 127th, then turn right on Halsted.

By transit:  Pace 352 bus.

Questions? Call Chris, 773-746-5223. 

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