Friday, June 17, 2016

median TLC needed on 95th St.

The planted medians on 95th St. and other major streets help in making the streets more pleasant and attractive. However, they do need some maintenance.

95th at Hoyne looking west - tough to see oncoming traffic
95th at Wood by the Metra station, looking west
95th at Pleasant, looking east
Not as bad as the others, but removing one or two branches would help.
Just a few low-growing tree branches make a critical difference in being able to cross the street safely.  During the growing season, these branches obscure the view of oncoming traffic, making it difficult to see approaching vehicles until they are very close.  

Over the past 2 years, I've tried 311 calls, emails to the 95th St. business association and the alderman's office. No trimming has been done.

This isn't rocket science. If people don't feel safe crossing the street, they're less likely to do it. This costs our neighborhood businesses - and ultimately us - if our businesses don't last because they don't get enough traffic.  It's also better for the farmers market if people feel safer crossing the street. I hope that someone in this ward can figure out a way to finally get this done - this summer.

It would be even better if we could get Yield to Pedestrians signs at a few of these median crossings, especially at Hoyne.

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