Sunday, August 28, 2016

fixed, but not really

Over the last several months, I've noticed a number of locations where street lights are on all the time - on Longwood from 95th to 97th, westbound along 97th from Longwood, and in other spots. Eventually they go dark and aren't on at all. Then they get "fixed" and are on 24/7 again.

This has been a problem since the "upgrade" about a year ago, when many street lights that had been dark for a long time were relit, and all the street lights in our area got brighter. We really didn't need brighter lights or the increased light pollution that came with that increase in brightness.

When I see these lights on continuously for weeks and months at a time, I have to wonder how many thousands of taxpayer dollars are wasted on this unneeded use of electricity. How much extra pollution is generated in the creation of this electricity? Did a bunch of faulty sensors get installed, or is there another reason?

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