Monday, July 24, 2017

perpetual light

Update: I happened to notice a truck working on some lights on yet another block where all lights were on in daytime. Hopefully the ones I reported got fixed as well.

In my travels around the ward, I've noticed a significant increase in recent months in the number of locations where street lights are on all the time. Unfortunately, I'm also noticing that 311 requests to address this problem are often taking a very long time to get responses.

Lights have been on around Prospect Sq. and 91st St. near the Metra station for weeks now, with no response to a 311 report made a while ago. How much money is the city wasting on electricity for hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of streets that are on 24/7 for weeks or months on end?

Here's a link to report Street Lights On Days. It only takes a minute to do this online, and if you have 2 locations around the corner from each other, you can enter that in the description.

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