Wednesday, May 9, 2007

fits and starts

We keep getting forecasts of rain, but little or nothing is coming down. I've had to do more watering than I'd like in order to get the gardens established this spring. This morning there have been a few false starts, enough to make people break out the umbrellas, then the rain stops.

It didn't stop the little train watchers. Every day I see two little girls come and stand on the west side of Wood St. to watch the 8:25 train come through the 99th Street Metra station. I'd guess they're about 3 and 4, always nicely dressed, usually with their mother. Today it was grandma's turn. They stood in front of the procrastinator's house and watched and waved.

The procrastinator got out the door just after the crossing gates came down at 100th St. Her back door is less than 100 feet from the station platform. I rarely see her go out the door before the bells start ringing at the 100th St. crossing (about 2 minutes before the train actually stops at the station). A few weeks back, she was so late that the train was nearly at 100th St. (less than a block away) when she crossed the tracks. I guess she likes to cut it close.

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