Saturday, November 24, 2007

fixing a blight

I noticed an excellent letter to the editor in Thursday's Sun-Times. He made some good points about TIFs, including the expiration of the Central Loop TIF in 2008 and its diversion of over $100M from the city budget last year. The purpose of TIFs, at least in theory, is to improve blighted areas. What part of the Central Loop is more blighted than the CTA?

Can anyone give me a good answer as to why none of this $100M+ was offered to the CTA? If this TIF is continued, it's time to start speaking up. For the city to put so much money towards the "superstation" at Block 37 and a paltry $3M towards the CTA in general is rather shortsighted, considering the key role that the CTA plays in the city's vitality. It's time for King Richie to agree to fork over a bit more. Today would not be too soon.

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