Saturday, November 3, 2007

a loss for the neighborhood

This morning I got out for a walk to some places I hadn't seen in a while, since my knee surgery has left me less mobile for a while. I've missed going to Cafe Luna and was going to stop in for a while today. As I crossed the tracks at 99th St., I saw an unwelcome sight: paper over the windows at Luna. They've closed. The signs in the window said that they've decided to relocate, their equipment is for sale, and the Beverly All Stars will now be bringing jazz to Beverly Bakery Cafe on Wednesday nights (10528 S. Western).

I really will miss having Cafe Luna in the neighborhood. Starbucks doesn't create the same inviting atmosphere. When Starbucks opened on 103rd, I hoped that it would not kill off Luna. To the proprietors of Luna: thank you for creating a special place. I wish you well in your future ventures.

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