Friday, December 14, 2007

our work isn't done

Warm up your typing or dialing fingers again. The transit funding mess still isn't resolved, and the hole keeps getting deeper. If you need the names of your legislators and their contact info, click here to look them up.

Get ready to kiss billions of federal matching funds for transit capital improvements goodbye unless the folks in Springfield come up with the state matching funds soon enough to claim that federal $$$$.

Meanwhile, Monday's threatened walkout by CTA workers has been called off, but the underlying problem still not solved - boneheads in Springfield still need to agree on funding. For all the hard work Julie Hamos has done, I'd like to see Santa reward her (and all of us) with an agreement on funding that will actually last a while and not be another band-aid.

Let's take time out from the holiday rush to call, e-mail or fax our legislators one more time, then hope for a Christmas miracle.

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