Wednesday, December 19, 2007

untapped source of revenue

I noticed a recent comment on a local blog that reminded of something I've often said in passing. There are thousands of Chicago property owners who violate city ordinance by failing to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks. They endanger those of who need to walk on their sidewalks.

I've often joked that the city could have a revenue gold mine if they hired aides to go around and write tickets on all the property owners who neglect their sidewalks. At $25-50 a pop for a first offense, and more for subsequent offenses, the city could make some real money. The citizens would benefit by having sidewalks that are safe to walk on. It could also create jobs. Local youth job councils could be a source of snow shovelers for those folks who would rather pay someone else to clear their sidewalks. Could be a win-win. Your $0.02?

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