Sunday, January 13, 2008

new year's wishes

I keep wishing that I'd wake up and find that we actually have adequate transit funding, that we will be able to maintain and improve service and infrastructure and won't see another CTA/RTA doomsday anytime soon.

Have you figured out why it is that our idiotic Gov. Blobhead is so determined to cripple the RTA and flush Chicago down the economic toilet? How can he spout pure bullshit like this, then turn around and pull another last minute delaying tactic like this out of his twisted hat?

King Richie hasn't spoken up nearly enough. We need a bit more of this, but it's probably too little too late.

If I got my wishes, we would have:

1. A long-term transit funding plan in place;

2. A legal mechanism to give our chief imbecile, Gov. Blobhead, the boot and replace him with someone competent.

If I only got the first one, I'd be happy enough. Seeing the idiot kicked out would be icing on the cake.

And what are you wishing for at the start of this new year?

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