Monday, January 21, 2008

the race for Cook County State's Attorney

Toni has written a detailed post on the candidates' debate in this race. Click here to read it. The candidates vary considerably in their qualifications.

In addition, Howard Brookins cites his political heritage. However, while he does have experience as Asst. State's Attorney, he has been the subject of slumlord lawsuits in addition to being sued for unpaid rent on his Loop law office. He has also been sued for unpaid rent on office copiers. He has gotten a substantial campaign contribution from Elzie Higginbotham, slumlord extraordinaire.

If you want more on Higginbotham, click here, here, and here. I remember many more stories of problem buildings, but they go back far enough that most are not readily available online.

Of the candidates in this race, some are obvious "pay to pay" characters, who seem likely to perpetuate the corrupt legacy of the Toddler's Crook County. It pays to read the background and make an informed choice when you vote.

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