Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BAPA council of delegates meeting tonight

I wanted to share this information from a neighbor:

BAPA Council of Delegates meeting TONIGHT, Tuesday, May 8th at 7:30. If you would like to check the pulse of your neighborhood, this is a good time and place to do it. 

If you have questions about Chicago/Evergreen Park border regional retail developments (Evergreen Plaza & EP Golf Course) or where the future of Chicago businesses and the Beverly Hills community fits into this plan, this is a meeting you should attend. Let's be proactive regarding the future landscape of our neighborhood and show our local civic associations and elected officials that we MUST Start Managing Area Resources Together (SMART). 


LOCATION UPDATE: I've just learned that location has been changed to the 22nd Police District, 1900 W. Monterey, for tonight's meeting.

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