Wednesday, February 12, 2014

99th & Walden pedestrian safety issues

When the 99th & Walden streetscape project was announced, it included the formation of a Special Service Area (SSA) to help maintain the area.  This winter, safe pedestrian to parts of that area have been exceptionally bad.  The sidewalk around the All Day Montessori parking lot has generally not been cleared, in spite of all the people who need to use it, including families going to All Day Montessori.  One of the results is pedestrians walking in the street at evening rush hour, when there is a lot of car traffic on Walden, increasing the risk that someone could get hit.

Sidewalk next to All Day Montessori parking lot

Parents picking up or dropping off frequently park right at the corner, creating a blind spot for turning traffic and higher risk of injury for pedestrians crossing Walden.

Vehicles are often parked over or right up to 99th St. crosswalk,
creating a blind spot for eastbound drivers turning onto Walden.
I hope that the SSA's maintenance plan will keep sidewalks and crosswalks clear in future winters and that a curb bumpout will be included in the streetscape to prevent cars from parking right up to the corner.  When simple things like uncleared sidewalks and blind spots end up pushing people to drive rather than walk, it has a very negative impact on quality of life in the neighborhood and on the health of our residents.

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