Thursday, February 6, 2014

not very neighborly

Ridge Park - Longwood Drive

Ridge Park - Longwood Drive
I know that this winter is wearing on a lot of people's nerves. Some folks seem to have given up on clearing their sidewalks.  Others have never done it at all, even though most of them have the means to take care of it.  Ridge Park employees have usually done a good job.  Their efforts along Longwood Dr. this time around leave a lot to be desired. After plowing the sidewalk along the length of the park, why leave a wall of snow at the edge of the property?  This isn't their usual practice, and it's not acceptable. 

Chicago Park District employees need to remember that many of us WALK to and through the park, even in winter.  It needs to be safely accessible to pedestrians.  When you have the equipment and employees out there to do the job, please do it right.

On a similar note, the 9500 block of Wood gets worse by the day.  Many of us use it to walk to and from the Metra station. 

9500 block of Wood
Property owners and managers need to live up to their legal responsibility to keep sidewalks clear and accessible.  That includes Metra, who didn't do a very good job with this latest storm. The platform at 95th was not cleared before yesterday's rush hour, and work done since then left a lot of snow and ice still on the platforms.  It would be nice if we could all survive the rest of this winter without getting injured or killed due to poor snow removal practices.

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