Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lake 95th St. has returned

Every few months without fail, a drain grate by the 95th St. Metra station gets clogged with mud and debris and Lake 95th St. returns, making it challenging for passengers going to and from the station and making the storefront at 1800 a less desirable space to do business.

The drain got clogged several weeks ago, undoubtedly due in part to debris from all the uncovered gas line excavations uphill from this spot. I've made a couple of 311 requests, without success, as you can see from today's photo.

It looks a little smaller now than it did during last night's downpour, because so much water has been splashed in all directions by morning rush hour traffic. Last night when I got off the train, the water was nearly up to the door of the storefront at right, and touching the median at left.

I've seen this situation many times in the last several years, and 311 requests never get this particular problem solved. What's the problem? Why should it take emails and phone calls to the alderman to get it cleared?  95th St. does not seem to be a priority for our ward or for the 311 system.

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