Thursday, June 19, 2014

construction update - 98th & Longwood

Update: Nice surprise. Peoples Gas completed the project quickly. The intersection and 98th east of Longwood now have nice smooth pavement.

If only I could say the same of the perpetual torn-up nightmare that is 95th St.  Will it ever get smoothly repaved?

6/13:  This morning on my walk to the train, I discovered lots of construction trucks clogging up Longwood Drive between 97th and 99th. A bunch of frustrated drivers who were stuck at this unannounced construction site were honking and fuming.  The middle of the intersection of 98th & Longwood was being torn up, and those trucks weren't going anywhere.

I turned the corner onto 98th, walking towards Walden, and noticed "no parking" signs posted by Peoples Gas for the time period of 6/13 (today) through 6/23 (a week from Monday).  

Why was there NO advance public notice of this project?  There was NO signage at 97th or 99th warning people not to go that way.  Huge fail for Peoples Gas and the ward.

I hope that BAPA or the alderman's office will get some answers and give us some warning if/when there are more gas line projects on neighborhood streets.  We've endured enough already with the never ending torture of the eternal gas main project on 95th, plus water main construction on 103rd and Wood.  How much more concurrent construction can we endure in a relatively small area?

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