Wednesday, October 14, 2015

95th St. Metra construction update - further update

As of 10/14, conditions for passengers have not changed significantly in the last 2 weeks.  Both platforms are still torn up, and open doors are still limited to 3 cars in each direction.  It looks like they're getting closer to paving the platforms, but progress is glacial.

I originally published this on 8/28. Both inbound and outbound platforms are still unusable at the 94th St. end.  A reduced number of cars are able to accommodate passenger loading at the station.  That number may change from day to day. It's a good idea to listen carefully to the conductor's announcements when you're a couple of stations away so that you can move to another car if needed.

As some of you may be aware, half of the outbound platform (west side) at 95th St. station has been torn up and under construction for a while now, so only 3 cars are opening on that platform to let passengers on and off the train.

Today the conductor made an announcement that, starting Monday 8/31, almost all of the inbound platform will also be torn up. Only the 95th St. end (south end - near the station house) will be available for boarding. If the normal number of people are getting on the train there, expect delays.

If it's feasible, you may want to consider using another station (99th or 91st) for a while.

Don't bother looking for this info on the Metra web site. It's not there. I guess they don't think we matter.

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