Thursday, October 22, 2015

95th St. Metra construction - Is change coming?

I got an email alert tonight about Metra construction. We'll see if they actually get asphalt down over the weekend, or if they're delayed like they were with the start of the whole project.  Here's the scoop:

"Due to platform rehabilitation, the south half of the inbound platform will be temporarily out of service beginning Monday, October 26th for approximately two weeks. Customers are advised to cross over at 95th road crossing to the outbound platform and walk down to the cross walk to the in-service portion of the inbound platform to board your train. Metra apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates your patience as we make these station improvements. To ensure a safe boarding, please allow yourself additional time."

Yee ha! Let the good times roll! ;)


Fargo said...

It's a miracle! Metra actually put an alert about this construction on their web site.

Fargo said...

Another miracle - with most of the inbound platform paved, the delays are reduced to almost nothing compared to what we were seeing a few weeks ago.