Friday, September 9, 2016

gas main/meter replacement and our corner gardens

As the area where gas meter and gas main replacement closes in on our part of central Beverly, I've been wondering how many corners they will need to dig up. Some of us have substantial gardens on our corners that we don't want destroyed.

A couple of weeks ago I called the phone number on the letter we recently received and asked if our corner and several nearby ones with gardens will need to be dug up. It would be nice to get enough advance warning to safely remove all those plants and temporarily relocate them if it's needed. He said he would check and get back to me. I've gotten no news, so I called and left a follow-up message.

If you have a corner garden, now I have some information. I just got a call back. The Peoples Gas employee who called me back this morning told me that it does NOT appear that they will have to dig up any of our corner garden beds for gas main replacement.

However, if your corner does not have "compliant" ADA curb ramps (the new installations they've been doing in recent years, mostly with poor quality materials that start failing after only a few years), then the curb ramps and curbs would need to be removed and replaced with a new "compliant" installation. I'm sure you've seen how much of the corner they tear up when they do one of these installations.

When you see the crews getting close to your place, ask them how many days until they get to you so you know how much time you have to do any emergency plant relocation.

That WILL affect my corner garden. I believe it will affect at least a few other corner gardens nearby. Looks like I may need to take an emergency day off from work when they're getting close so I have enough time to save my plants. *grumble*

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