Monday, September 26, 2016

one way you could save a life

If you drive and parallel park, please watch the video included in this blog post. It's a bit different from how most of us open our car doors, but it's a new habit worth learning. Dooring can kill. If you look first and wait until any cyclists have passed before you open your car door, you could save a life.

A set of bike laws was passed several years ago, making it illegal to drive or park in bike lanes, pass a cyclist without leaving 3 feet or more of space between your vehicle and the cyclist, open your car door into the path of a cyclist or cause a crash by turning into the path of a cyclist. If you are cited for one of these offenses, you can get a hefty ticket. You can also be held legally liable for any injuries you cause.

Please remember - that person on the bike is just trying to get where they're going in one piece, same as you.

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