Thursday, June 14, 2007

driving into the Loop could be taxing

Seems like someone heard me or was thinking along the same lines when I wrote this recent piece about the idea of having a Loop congestion charge to help fund public transit in Chicago. Kudos to Alderman Ed Burke for having the guts to introduce this proposal. Here's the Sun-Times version of the story.

IMO, most of the people responding on the Sun-Times blog sounded rather clueless, not willing to get their heads out of their car-bound butts and smell the proverbial coffee. Wake up, folks! Traffic congestion and air pollution will NOT get any better if people keep driving to work alone.

I've contacted my alderman and urged support of the congestion charge. If you want to contact your alderman and don't have the necessary contact information, here's how to find it. You might also want to ask this question of your alderman. "Do you drive downtown or use public transit or your bike?" If they all took CTA, the system would be in a little better shape. Perhaps the city's commitment to the environment and transportation stops at the doors to City Hall, or at the nearest parking garage.

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