Friday, June 22, 2007

the downside of ethanol

I wrote recently about how the increased demand for ethanol was affecting the Mexican economy. lt seems that now it's having a more noticeable effect closer to home. If too much corn is diverted for energy use, is the effect on our food supply worth it? Milk prices are heading for record high levels, because corn that was previously allocated for cattle feed is now going towards ethanol. This affects the supply and price of many other food products.

I'm curious to see the potential of perennial grasses as a source of alternative fuel.

A new renewable energy bill just passed the U.S. Senate. I think this is a mixed bag at best. I'm all in favor of raising fuel economy standards. However, giving such an aggressive push to the demand for ethanol is likely to accelerate the economic problems we’re beginning to experience. IMO, developing alternative energy sources from plants that are not major food crops would be healthier for the economy, the air we breathe, and our people. Here's another view on it, one that makes some good points.

Your $0.02?

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