Wednesday, June 27, 2007

time to take care of business in Springfield

Our elected genius Blago has been setting a fine example by wasting taxpayers' money on state aircraft to shuttle him back and forth between Springfield and Chicago 3 times a week during the emergency budget session. State Rep Bill Mitchell has proposed bringing him and legislative leaders down to earth in future years. Sounds like a fine idea, especially since they have failed to meet the 5/31 budget deadline for 4 years under Blago's stellar leadership.

Meanwhile, it's time to Springfield to meet the efforts of the CTA and RTA halfway and keep our public transit moving.

How 'bout getting your priorities straight, people? A few of you privileged characters in Springfield are winging home on our dime, but we're getting closer to a doomsday scenario where the regular folks who pay your salaries may not be able to get to their jobs.


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Fargo said...

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