Saturday, December 20, 2008

a musical journey of sorts

I've been enjoying an internet radio treat this a.m., listening to Blues Before Sunrise on KMHD, a station I discovered on a recent trip to Portland, OR.

Listening to internet radio from different time zones offers the opportunity to hear programs you might not hear at all, or might not catch in their regular time slots in your local area. It also lets you revisit good stations you might discover on vacation. I found this gem on a trip to Key West a few years ago. I found this Danish treasure trove while web surfing a few years ago. The text is all in Danish, but most of the station names are fairly obvious.

The sponsors for this nationally syndicated NPR show were all Chicago-area venues and groups like Mike Finnerty, local jazz sax player, Bill's Blues Bar in Evanston, Jazz Record Mart, Old Town School of Folk Music and others - with our jazz treasure Dick Buckley giving the sponsor info. It's good to hear his voice again. I still miss his show.

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