Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sears saves the day

My morning got off to an annoying start. My alarm went off at the usual time. I reached out to turn it off. Pushed the snooze button. It kept beeping. Switched the alarm switch to OFF. Still beeping. Tried switching alarm switch on and off a few times and pushing snooze again. Still beeping. I had to turn on the light and try to pull the plug. *($%!! plug was all the way across the bed, below the head of my still-snoozing significant other. I had to wake him up, get him to move the bed away from the wall, then pull the plug. The alarm was finally silenced.

I left earlier than usual for work, with the goal of finding a replacement for my old, fried clock radio. Stopped at the old reliable electronics store around the corner from my office. Several clock radio models on display, but only one model in stock: a tiny travel alarm. One of my cats likes to turn small easily flung objects into projectiles. This travel alarm was the perfect size to become a cat hockey puck and be turned into a defunct piece of junk in short order. Next stop: the drug store on the corner. No luck.

At lunchtime, I took a walk to Sears on State St. and found a great solution to my problem - a product with some cool features. I don't usually plug products, but thought this might be useful for some of you. BTW, I've often thought this store is rather underappreciated.

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