Friday, December 5, 2008

welcome to Chicago

This a.m. I was in line at the post office. I overheard a guy at another window who was not having a good day, a Brit who had lived a short while in NYC and recently moved here. Apparently his mail forwarding was all screwed up, and very little mail was actually reaching him. The postal employee wasn't terribly helpful.

Reminds me of what I went through last time I moved. I ended up being very grateful that most of my mail was going directly to my new address and NOT being forwarded because I sent out notices to EVERYONE that I was moving. Most people actually recorded my new address and used it next time they sent something, so very few pieces had to be forwarded. Unfortunately, only 2 of them actually reached me. The rest disappeared into the USPS black hole or were returned to sender, even though I had a forwarding order on file with the post office before I moved.

I wonder if the Brit at the post office will get his forwarding problem resolved before his 1-year forwarding order expires. Seems unlikely.

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