Monday, September 22, 2008

before and after

We've been working on a little house project for a while. We'd gotten a bit sick of this corroded old light fixture on the front porch.

I ordered a new light fixture. This picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful linen textured glass. When I assembled it and we took another look at the front porch ceiling, we didn't want to put that new light on the nasty, old ceiling.

We wanted a stained wood, and I spent a while searching to find a source for real beadboard. Plywood grooved to look sort of like beadboard just wasn't going to do the trick. When we finally got the red cedar beadboard and agreed on a stain color, it took a while to get it stained and varnished and cut to exact size pieces. Today I came home to a nice surprise - installed beadboard and light fixture. The finish trim will follow soon.

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