Monday, September 15, 2008

Palin in comparison

What can I even say after that brilliant SNL bit? I noticed a few comment postings in response that seem very appropriate:

Please Google "Wasilia meth capital" and you will find 33 articles about Wasilia being the meth capital of Alaska.
"According to Alaska state troopers, Wasilia became the "meth capital of Alaska" while Palin was mayor. In 2003, there were nine meth labs discovered, by summer of 2006 over 42 labs were busted." Sorry. --posted by Kathy in N. Galveston

I was thinking about the Palin convention speech and who it reminded me of. All of a sudden it came to me. Sarah Palin does not exist at all. She is really Sally Fields doing her stand up routine from Punchline. OMG. The whole thing is the greatest routine in modern history. There is no Sarah Palin. Only Sally Fields playing the original everywoman who doesn't aspire to political office, only to entertain. Wow, she is good. -- posted by Paul (undisclosed location)

...and from Martha in Alaska: Finally - some laughter and common sense! Palin is my governor and is absolutely a mega star for a week until you ask her a real question when she's not in front of a live audience. The assault on science will worsen under this woman unless we laugh her right off the podium. I think that's a more humane way to say goodbye to Sarah Palin than to throw tomatoes - which many Alaskans are tempted to do right now. I don't want her anywhere near the White House, but then I don't want her back in Alaska either. But since I live in the capitol city, she's never really here anyway so what the heck. Better than foisting her off on the world. Question everything you hear, talk to an Alaskan, get involved, vote and really really keep your sense of humor!

We definitely need to keep our collective sense of humor. We'll need it to get through the rest of this campaign.

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