Tuesday, September 16, 2008

drying out

What a relief to see NO RAIN outside the windows, after so much rain all weekend and seeing the huge line of Ike-related storm action. From Friday night until Sunday morning, the radar picture showed a solid arc of intense storms, all headed right for us. We're usually not on the receiving end of such concentrated hurricane moisture.

I thought that the 3.75" we got from Gustav was a lot, certainly more than normal for a day and a half.

Friday during the day was less than 1/4", then we got this from late Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.

And from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, when the rain stopped.

I'm grateful that our experience here was nowhere near as bad as what happened in Albany Park, Riverside, Des Plaines and lots of other towns throughout the area.

We had some seepage in the basement, trickling across the basement floor and into the floor drains, which did not back up. Our intersection was starting to flood. We put on our raingear and got shovels and rakes to clear debris from the drains. All the leaves that have fallen from trees stressed by the August drought clogged up those drains good. Once we got them open, all the water drained from the intersection. Parts of our lawn had some standing water. We had no leaks. We were lucky compared to lots of other folks in the area.

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