Saturday, January 8, 2011

19th ward aldermanic candidate forum on 1/11

This morning's planned aldermanic candidate forum was derailed by a last-minute heavy-handed move against free speech. Vanderpoel Improvement Association (VIA) had invited all the candidates to address their meeting at the Beverly public library. Late yesterday afternoon, the candidates were notified by the library director that the event was cancelled. VIA found out through one of the candidates. They were told that "the library does not host political events," even though this was to be an open non-partisan informational forum so that residents could learn more about ALL the candidates, and that no candidate was endorsed through this forum.

I will update you with whatever information I'm able to get about why this forum was squelched.

With less than one day to go, VIA was not able to arrange for an alternate venue. They were able to join forces with a church in Mt. Greenwood for a forum this week, in which their key issues will be heard: ward redistricting, crime and safety, education, economic development, and accountability for services.

That forum will be held this Tuesday 1/11, hosted by Parkwood Baptist Church, 11355 S. Central Park, starting at 7 p.m. All 19th ward residents are welcome to attend.

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Anonymous said...

The library meeting room was reserved a month before the event. You'd think that the library would not have taken the reservation if they had a problem with the nature of the event.