Monday, January 17, 2011

a few thoughts to ponder

In these weeks leading up to the mayoral and aldermanic election, I ask you to consider these thoughts.

If a candidate can't be bothered to respond to questionnaires from respected organizations or attend candidate forums, will that candidate take the time to consider and respond to the needs of his or her constituents once elected?

All voters deserve to have full information about their candidates and their positions on important issues. If a candidate does not bother to share information we need to make an informed choice, is this really a candidate we should vote for?

Just my $0.02.... Your mileage may vary.


Anonymous said...

The candidate you are referring to had a prior engagement, and responded in advance that he would not be attending the forum, but I think you know that. You, others who comment on blogs, and the candidates, would have more credibility if you told the truth. People aren't no-shows if they state that they will not be attending an event. It is disingenuous of you to say that someone "couldn't be bothered" attending an event when the candidate courteously declined the invitation to do so. Step it up please, or refrain from political comments.

Fargo said...

Information about candidates' responses regarding forums has not necessarily been communicated well beyond their inner circles.

We are all entitled to our opinions. This my blog, not paid journalism with an ethical obligation to neutrality.

If you want to offer a politically neutral blog, please feel free to do so.

Anonymous said...

You certainly have the right to state your opinion on your blog, but you lack credibility when you deliberately leave out information that is relevant to an issue.