Wednesday, January 12, 2011

last night's aldermanic candidate forum

I was not able to attend last night's forum, because I had a meeting in another part of the city. I heard that attendance was good - about 100 constituents.

Most of the candidates attended, and the audience appreciated being able to hear what they had to say. Matt O'Shea was the only candidate who did not attend. I have not heard any satisfactory explanation for his absence.

I know there are at least a couple more forums scheduled in the next few weeks. I will provide information as I get it.


Anonymous said...

By your own admission, this event was scheduled at the last minute after the cancellation of the forum at Beverly Branch Library. It is discourteous to schedule such an event without ample notice, and then criticize a potential participant for not attending. Matt O'Shea had a prior engagement, and was in the presence of a house-full of people who had made plans to attend a meet-and-greet well before the forum in Mt. Greenwood was thrown together.

Anonymous said...

I thought he had a meeting at Cassell after LSC meeting that was canceled? So which is it?