Tuesday, January 18, 2011

19th ward aldermanic candidates - Matt O'Shea

This is the final installment in a series on our 19th ward aldermanic candidates.

Matt O'Shea has gotten the most exposure of our aldermanic candidates. As a long-established member of Ginger Rugai's staff, he's had an unfair advantage over the other candidates. You can read more about where he's coming from on his official campaign web site.

Are you aware that O'Shea favors a Chicago casino as a source of revenue, and that he would consider additional privatization of city assets, such as Midway Airport?

You can't read his responses to IVI-IPO's candidate questionnaire, because he apparently didn't bother to respond.

Here's a 19th Ward blog posting, which includes a recent Beverly Review piece on O'Shea.

I have to question how well we will be represented by a candidate who can't be bothered to respond to questionnaires or attend candidate forums. I haven't spoken directly to him or anyone from his campaign to find out why he's been so non-responsive. The message these actions send, in the absence of words to explain them, is that he arrogantly expects 19th ward voters to be compliant sheep and vote for him simply because he's Ginger Rugai's heir apparent.

His campaign web site mostly talks about what he has done. We need to know more about what he will do to listen and respond to the needs of all 19th ward residents.

If Matt O'Shea or anyone from his campaign would like to provide more information, I hope that they will both share it in comments and attend future candidate forums in the ward.


not a lemming said...

I don't want to vote for Ginger lite. I'd rather see someone who really cares about representing ALL of the 19th ward.

Both Ray Coronado and Anne Schaible look like good alternatives to O'Shea.

Anonymous said...

Do you question how well you would be represented by Anne Schaible, who did not respond to the IVO-IPO questions? You don't say that in your comments about her. If fact your comments sounded rather puffy. Try to keep it even. People can see O'Shea's positions in his responses to the Trib and Suntimes questions for candidates. There's hardly a shortage of information on his positions, and the information is very easy to find. Please leave the biased blogging to the other sites. Furthermore, what someone has already done in this ward is very important. It reveals a demonstrated commitment to our neighborhoods. I'll assume that anyone who spent years improving these communities and creating and contributing to activities and organizations won't suddenly decide to sit back and take it easy upon being elected to office. I do wonder why someone whose presence has been scarce at best would choose to run for alderman.

Anonymous said...

Matt O'Shea is paid to do the things he's done. He is handsomely PAID by the taxpayers of the City of Chicago. Show me something he's done that he hasn't been compensated for......

Anonymous said...

Matt O'Shea is using tax payers money by using the Ward and the Mt.Greenwood offices stationary. There were also O'Shea signs in the windows of the Mt.Greenwood office. How is that playing fair. Ethics violation??? maybe. The principal at Mt. Greenwood school also said that Matt hardly had anything to do with getting the new addition at the school and she is not at all happy about Matt throwing her name around.

I was at the Meet and Greet at Mt.Greenwood Park and felt that Mr. O'shea was yelling at the attendees and bullying the people who were there to the point of almost telling them you MUST vote for me or else.

We REALLY need a change here. So as far as what Matt has supposedly done for this Ward already, isn't that what he's getting paid a nice salary to do? I also asked Dr. Ann about the IVO-IPO questions and she said she would have been glad to answer them had she received them.

No matter who you vote for make it an educated vote not a bullyed vote.

Proud wife of CPD officer

Fargo said...

It would have been nice if Anne Schaible had answered the IVI-IPO questionnaire. However, she has provided more information on her web site than most candidates, and has made herself available for questions to a broader cross section of the ward's population.

While Matt O'Shea certainly has a track record of what he has done while working for Ginger Rugai, I've seen nothing to indicate independent ideas beyond maintaining the status quo.

The achievements he's touted have mostly benefited West Beverly and Mount Greenwood. How about the rest of the ward? How about 95th St.?

While I want to present information about all the candidates, I am not obligated to keep it neutral.

So far, O'Shea's campaign strategy seems to be aimed at bullying 19th ward residents into voting for him. I strongly object to having one candidate forced down our collective throats and would like to see other candidates' ideas get fair exposure.

I sincerely hope that the 2/1 forum will be fairly presented, and that attendance will be high, so that more voters will get a better sense of what all the candidates are about.

Sticking to business as usual isn't a great long-term plan if the ward is to grow and prosper again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Matt was not obligated to start the 19th Ward Youth Organization, nor was he paid for it. He has been paid to work as an aide for Ginger Rugai, and that is not connected to his creation of the youth organization. Mount Greenwood always whines that it doesn't get its fair share, but Fargo claims that he's done too much for Mt. Greenwood at the expense of the rest of the ward. Absurd. What about the Turkey Trot in North Beverly, which has taken place twice? Isn't that a nice event for that segment of the ward? Don't children everywhere in the 19th ward benefit from the Nurf Football League? Aren't kids everywhere encouraged to attend the movies at BAC over the holidays? He testified and organized petitions for Barbara Vick when they were under threat of closure. I attended the forum at Mt. Greenwood Park, and Matt certainly did not yell at people and bully them or imply that they must vote for him. Enough of the histrionics.

Furthermore, if Anne Schaible didn't receive the IVI-IPO questionnairre, then maybe other candidates didn't either. Sounds like you should have inquired about that before your selective criticism of Matt O'Shea.

Anonymous said...

I would still like to know why Anne Schaible and her husband sat out so many elections over the years, choosing to vote only fairly recently. Perhaps she'll address this information (which can be checked at the Board of Elections)at the BAC forum on February 1st. It's not likely that she'll acknowledge this, though, is it? Maybe some of her supporters can try to explain this. We're not talking about one election, so the possibility that some emergency occurred on election day isn't a reasonable explanation. I can't imagine anyone not voting, least of all people with the education level of the Doctors Schaible. It's even harder to understand when someone claims to be concerned about the neighborhood. Shame on Dr. Schaible. While she sat out elections, Matt O'Shea spent evenings and weekends creating organizations and events that benefit our community, and participating in existing forums (not paid) in the hope of improving our quality of life. It's nice that Dr. Schaible is so concerned about the Ag School all of a sudden, but where has she been all these years?

Anonymous said...

Isn't your response biased?

Anonymous said...

One must do research before stating false accusations.
You can go to THE BOARD OF ELECTIONS at 69 w. Washington and feel free to FOIA this request. Her voting record is on file. You can also come to the Political Forum on 1Feb11 at The Beverly Arts Center and ask her yourself. Dr. Anne is an Independent so yes she will vote however she feels fit.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Annes website also speaks clearly of her ideas for the 19th Ward.

I can't understand how people can't see that with O'Shea Rugai it will be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

If Dr.Anne posts her voting record, will Matt O'Shea post his arrest record? Its something I think is important info. I'd like to know if I'm going to get beat up if i don't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't get it, though I think I was clear about the problem with Anne Schaible's voting record. Being an Independent isn't the issue. The issue is that she didn't vote. Voting records at the Board of Elections don't reveal which candidate a person voted for, nor should they. The records indicate whether a person voted at all. SHE DIDN'T VOTE FOR YEARS! This is huge!

Anonymous said...

So is Matt O'Sheas arrest record but you don't seem to concerned about that.

Yes she has voted. Maybe her husband hasn't but she has.

Anonymous said...

You're still trying to get around it. She has voted, but didn't always. She sat out many elections, and that is inexcusable.

Since I know the circumstances of Matt O'Shea's problem with a campaign worker for Somerville, I don't care to see any records. I know the story, as do others who read about it at the time. There hasn't been media attention about Schaible's lack of interest in the electoral process, so that information is not available for others to ponder, unless they make a trip to 69 W. Washington.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Anne will have her voting record for all to see at the Political Forum on Tuesday so you can ask her and see for yourself.

Also, I didn't hear what you did about the O'Shea arrest so yes I would like to know more about that. Isn't that fair?