Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chicago mayoral candidates - Carol Moseley Braun

This is the first of four installments on our Chicago mayoral candidates.

After a lot of media coverage and discussion, the dust has settled, and Carol Moseley Braun has been declared the "black consensus candidate." This leaves me scratching my head. When Barack Obama launched his campaign here for the 2008 presidential election, wasn't he supposed to be a "post-racial" candidate? Wasn't the era of racially loaded campaigning supposed to be over? How many black voters still buy into the concept of a consensus candidate, and how many would rather vote for the most qualified candidate whose positions on the issues are the best match for their own ideas?

WTTW's campaign blog is being updated daily with all media coverage of mayoral campaigns.

Here's her official campaign web site.

What's your opinion?

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